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Furlishous Dog​ and Cat Grooming Salon, Tel 01623 411104

Company Number 13218136

51a Kirklington Road, Bilsthorpe, Notts, NG22 8RT .    City &Guilds Centre number 009701, UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN) is : 10090093.

Full Grooms

Our full groom packages are tailored to your requirements and include a bath, drying, brush out, cut and trimming, ear, and the all important nails. 

Puppy Trims

It's important for a dog to be introduced to grooming from an early age so they feel confident and comfortable with all aspects of the groom, enables it to become a pleasurable experience for them. Our puppy trims include face trim, paw ti​dy, nails and a spray of fragrance as standard but may also include bath, dry and trim at your request. Puppy trims are tailored to your pup.

Brush Out

Not all breeds require cutting but benefit greatly from a bath, dry and a full brush ​out. It will greatly redu​ce the amount dropped and your dogs coat and skin will benefit greatly. Anal glands, nails and a spray of fragrance are also included in the price.

Bath & Dry

For breeds requiring no work to their coat we can bath, dry and brush them leaving them soft, shiny and smelling fresh. This is suitable for all smooth, short coated breeds of all sizes and includes nails, glands and a spray of fragrance.


Wire haired breeds benefit from handstripping, the dead coat is removed by hand allowing the new coat to grow. Our handstripping package includes nails and a spray of fragrance and can include a post bath at your request.

Nail Care

Nails are trimmed back as much as possible and finished off with a file. Regular nail care will ensure nails are kept at an appropriate length so as not to cause discomfort or damage flooring and furniture. Appointments are not always necessary for nails but please telephone to check someone is available.

Grooming Extras

All grooms can include an add on does small additional charge or take home a compact sized refillable bottle of canine fragrance to keep your dog smelling fresh between grooms.

Blueberry Facial Wash

Fox Poo Shampoo

Whitening Shampoo

Black Coat Shampoo